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--Hello, everyone--
Just wanted to let you know what's going on.
Currently, most of the site is under construction (figures)
and I will probly forget to say, "Everything's finished!"
'cause that's usually what happens. Umm... Right now,
I'm working on the rest of the page, figuring out what's
going on, and whatnot. I should figure everything should be
set by the end of the month. So. Yeah.

A while ago, I set up the clan for runescape called, 'Clan for Christ'.
Runescape was the main article. It had it's own chat and everything.
After that, I added AA (America's Army) to the list 'cause it was a
fun game. The problem with that now is, noone can run AA on their
computer anymore (too large). Which stinks. 'Cause it's a fun game.
So now, a couple of days ago, (c. January 30th, 2011) I decided,
"Hey! I love ArmorGames." Then I remembered the old clan I had set up
a year or so ago and decided that I might be able to start it up again.
So here it is. ... Exciting, huh?

Update 4/14/11:
Hey everyone! We got a new member... It makes me excited. So.
I officially ditched the 'about' page and am thinking of making a media page -
Either by us or what we like. I might make a bio for all the members -
If they happen to want one. Nemo12 brought this to my attention by saying
that he wanted to be mentioned as living in Trinidad. Interesting.

Update 5/13/11:
Heyo! This summer I've been planning to learn a whole bunch of codes,
and right now, I'm learning CSS3. It's pretty nifty. With it, you can
make rounded edges and stuff, which is why some of the edges around
have changed from normal boxy-stuff to much cooler design. :D

Send your ideas to me .

I look forward to the next year. Or two. Or decade. We'll see where
God leads this.